In Memory of Motlatsi

In Our Hearts You Shall Forever Remain
You came into our lives
Bringing joy and laughter
Even only for a little
But never will you be forgotten
As you're a star
Which will forever shine

Spirit gave me a little brother
Who could bring radiant light
Into any place
With just a mere smile
Though you were here for
Only a short time
Every day I will remember you

I was given a son
To love and cherish
To learn from and teach
But you were here
To guide me
Until your Father
Took you home
Yet all I have to do
Is look deep in my heart
And I find you there

My Life was blessed with an Angel
With strength, passion and dreams
But for my darling Angel
There was too much pain
Which is why your time
To go home came so soon
But we both know you're
Still here blessing me
With your presence
Cause you're just a heartbeat away

Although you are not here
Your hope and beauty remains
Through you I learnt
Love, Faith and the ability to dream
Forever with me shall your light burn
Because although it has been dimmed
Nothing can turn it off

Motlatsi, my son, my brother
My teacher, My beautiful Angel
I will always Love you
Think of you
And work to make your dreams a reality
The love you gave
The Faith that was yours
The courage you had
Shall forever be imprinted in our hearts
As you will Forever remain close to us.

Your loving Sister, Mother, Student

~Nandi Msezane~